We have a wide slection of sausages avaible. Perfect for any time breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Breakfast Sausages

Beef, Chicken, Lamb, 350g, 8per pack, Spicy & mild, (turkey seasonal)


A mild light sausage filled with flavor. These small portioned sausages are perfect for any breakfast. 


Beef, Chicken, 6 per pack


These aren’t your regular super market hotdogs. These wieners are held to the same standards as any other of our products. Made of 100% beef or chicken meat and our own personal spice blend these are unlike any hot dog you’ve eaten. No matter how you prepare them they will be wholesome and delicious.

Dinner Sausages

Italian, Smoked Chicken, Boerewors, , 500g, 5 per pack


Large portion sausages packed with flavors. Complete any barbeque with these sausages. A variety of flavors available 

-Italian Sausage regular or jumbo

- Smoked chicken sausage 

-Boerewors a South African specialty 


Jalapeno & Cheddar   Sausages 

Beef and Chicken, 500g, 5 per pack


Are you looking to make your barbeque more exciting? These sausages will add the kick you need. Packed with real Canadian cheddar and sliced Jalapenos, they are bursting with all the flavor you need.