Oven Ready 

Quick, easy delicious meal ready in minutes. Just pop them in the oven and dinner is served. 


The chicken pot pies are juicy and full of falor. Its theperfect bits to eat after work. -Abel, Mississauga

Meat Pies

Chicken Pot Pies


Delightful beef and chicken pot pies. Made with homemade chicken stock, fresh vegetables and wholesome meat.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Stuffed with: Two cheeses and spinach or meat and vegetables


A classical French cuisine speciality from Ameen’s days of a chef. Every stuffed breast is handmade to ensure each one is perfect.

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Boneless Stuffed Chickens & Turkey Thighs

One whole chicken


A quick and easy yet eleigant meal. Stuffed with a bread stuffing and local fresh vegtables Or  A quinoa wild rice stuffing.

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Boneless Stuffed Turkey



This will be the centre of your next family dinner. Being boneless it cooks evenly and is even easier to cut and serve. Stuffed with your choice of bread or meat stuffing.